HCR Wealth Advisors and The Challenges in The New Retirement Situation Today

Retirement is not just about getting a good house or being relocated to a senior care home. There are sometimes psychological issues involved. There could also be unforeseeable situations that may be impossible to calculate during retirement planning. In a comprehensive article from HCR Wealth Advisors, it is argued that there are now new challenges to retirement, and it’s something people should at least be aware of, if not prepare for.

The New Retirement

When people retire, the adjustments they have to endure go beyond the physical factors. There could be a lot of drastic intellectual and emotional changes that could put one’s retirement plan in a mess. This is the reason that there should always be a particular focus given to the non-financial aspects of you or your loved one’s retirement plan.

In the New Retirement analysis from HCR Wealth Advisors, there is a particular emphasis given on the transition of the retired individuals from their employment to the lifestyle of being retired. Lack of socialization, lack of regular schedules, and breaking of work routines could pose threats in a retiree’s wellbeing in the form of anxiety or depression. Unless the retirees can set up the right personal development and opportunities to socialize during retirement, their wellbeing could be diminished.

It is also the focus of the New Retirement strategy to let the retirees get a better, more informed set of options during retirement that goes beyond money. With more than 10,000 people retiring every day and increased life expectancy, it is important not to forget to make this a priority. Otherwise, one could be deprived of the best retirement opportunities due to the high and ever-growing number of retiring citizens, as mentioned on their Twitter account.

It is also the stand of HCR Wealth Advisors to remind everyone that before retiring, people should survey the best-registered investment advisory firms in the market that they can trust for their retirement planning. Doing so not only ensures a seamless transition to retirement living but also helps the individuals create better personalized financial strategies that suit their needs.

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Jim Toner and Investment Guidance

Jim Toner is a well-known individual who is involved in many philanthropic efforts. He’s also an individual who has a strong interest in the real estate investment scene. He’s been working in real estate investing for a lengthy period of time now. That’s not his sole role, either. He also calls himself a consultant, speaker and, last but definitely not least, radio program host. Toner regularly takes on speaking engagements in locations all over the United States. He discusses matters that pertain to the power of strong real estate investment techniques. He’s discussed the topic alongside prominent figures such as Sharon Lechter, Bill Bartmann and Frank McKinney. He’s even made appearances next to the individuals who are part of the esteemed Napoleon Hill Foundation. These individuals are merely examples. Toner has teamed up with many respected brains throughout the years.

According to Toner, he is someone who is capable of simplifying real estate matters for average people in this world. That’s the reason so many people gravitate to him and to his exhaustive knowledge. It isn’t uncommon at all for individuals to fork over anywhere between $2,000 and $15,000 to experience his informative programs. They head to his programs from areas all throughout the vast United States, too.

Toner is a seasoned entrepreneur who has been part of real estate investment for more than a quarter of a century at this point. He’s given countless individuals out there the chance to learn how to liberate themselves from financial stress factors. He helps them do this with his thorough “12 Little Houses” approach.

Philanthropy is a topic that’s of great interest to Toner. It’s a subject that has captivated him for many years as well. He has been acknowledged for his collaborations with people who have nowhere to live. He’s been praised for his veteran assistance as well. He’s part of the Caring House Project Foundation at the moment. Nilsa and Frank McKinney are the two people who are in charge of this group.

Toner does a significant amount of coaching all of the time. He gives people guidance that involves business and investments. If you want to be coached by Toner, connect with him on Facebook.

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Dr. Jim Toner – Atlanta’s Finest Fertility Specialists

Dr. Jim Toner is one of Atlanta, GA finest when it comes to fertility. He is a board-certified Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility specialist. For more than three decades he has made an impact on every patient he has encountered. His career holds many positions, one of which was as the Director of the Fellowship Program and Reproduction Program for the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Virginia.

Dr. Jim Toner has a Bachelor of Science in the field of Psychology, along with an M.D. and Ph.D. He had the prestigious honor of being mentored by Dr. Howard W. Jones, Jr., the Founder of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine in Virginia. Dr. Toner has been honored with many awards one of which is the Resident of the Year Award in 1989 at Jones Institute. He is an Alpha Omega Alpha member, a notorious medical honor society. He was awarded the Associate Professor seat at the Jones Institute for his career work of 15 years with the Jones Institute.

Currently Dr. Toner is the Director of the Third-Party Reproduction Program at Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine since the year 2000. Dr. Toner uses his extensive knowledge in infertility medicine to study not only infertility, but also recurrent miscarriages. His degree in psychology has aided in his unique technique in treating his patients; he believes in helping patients with not only the physical issue, but the emotional healthcare of the patient as well.

According to fertilityiq.com, Dr. Jim Toner has taken his work beyond the clinic as a notable speaker and prolific research writer for his field of study. He has produced more than 200 published and documented research writings in the field of reproductive medicine. One of his most notable and prized work is his work on ovarian reserve and how it affects fertility.

For his works he has received the following awards the Ciba-Geigy Award, AFSO Award, the AFS/Ortho Fellowship and the Berlex Foundation Faculty Development Award. He has been awarded “First Prize Paper,” on more than one occasion at the Profession’s National Meeting. Jim Toner is a member of SART and serves as its President and Chair of Registry Committee and the Informed Consents Committee. His charitable work includes his participation in the Habitat for Humanity project. He is consistently helping in his community and within his church organization.

Here’s Dr. Toner’s Professional Background: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jimtoner56

Dr. Jim Toner, World-Class Infertility And Endocrinology Specialist

Jim Toner, M.D. Ph.D., is an Atlanta-native and American Medical Board endocrinology and infertility reproductive specialist who has been providing his expert services at the internationally-acclaimed Atlanta Center for Reproductive Medicine since 2000. Dr. Toner, who is also Obstetrics & Gynecology-certified; received his BA in psychology from Pennsylvania’s St. Joseph’s College and subsequently obtained his MD and Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Medicine and later completed his residency and fellowship program at the esteemed Norfolk-area St. John’s Institute of Reproductive Medicine.

While at St. John’s, Dr. Toner studied under the noted founder and head of St. Jones, Dr. Howard W. Jones, Jr., M.D. and became a venerated member of the staff in his own right, where he eventually became an Associate Professor and headed the Fellowship and Third Party Reproductive Programs while serving on the faculty there for more than 15 years. Dr. Toner, who has now been expertly practicing in the field of Infertility and Reproductive Health for over 25 years; has also successfully treated patients suffering from infertility-related medical conditions as varied as Amenorrhea, Endometriosis, Perimenopause and Uterine Fibroids.

Additionally, Dr. Toner has been at the forefront of utilizing innovative technologies and treatment procedures, including Acupuncture, Laparoscopy, In Vitro and Intra Uterine Fertilization. Dr. Toner is also an internationally recognized researcher in the field of reproductive health and fertility and over the decades, has published countless abstracts and papers on reproductive medicine and received significant acclaim for his research on ovarian reserve and it’s related effect on fertility. He has also received numerous awards from his peers in recognition of his accomplishments, including the American Fertility Ortho Award and the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists’ Ciba-Geigy Award.

According to fertilityiq.com, the doctor is also a widely-sought lecturer on the subject of Reproductive Health and Fertility and has spoken hundreds of times during his long career. And because Dr. Toner also obtained his doctorate in psychology, he is especially sensitive to the emotional well-being and care of his patients who may be dealing not only with the medical impact of infertility and fertility difficulties; but also with the less- often addressed psychological and emotional impact. Privately, Dr. Toner is the proud father of four children and enjoys spending time with family and puttering around his garden when he’s not practicing medicine. He also is an avid believer in giving back to the community and happily volunteers his time with his church and Habitat for Humanity.

More info about Dr. Jim Toner and his works: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEv2PRiSuCI

Jed McCaleb – Influencer And Co-Founder Of Stellar

Jed McCaleb is the co-founder of Stellar, a company that is growing in the field of cross-border payments and disbursement. Jeb McCaleb has worked tirelessly to give birth to many blockchain projects that are well known. He is on a journey to make sure that all the projects he has endeavored to build, become successful as his Stellar venture.

In 2010, Jed McCaleb was brought into the Bitcoin enterprise by an article he read online on a tech website called Slashdot. This website had a link to the Bitcoin whitepaper, which has a well-known forum that is focused on talking about Bitcoin. This information about Bitcoin was of great interest to him. Jed McCaleb liked the idea that this money was not controlled centrally.

According to Jed McCaleb, coming across the information about Bitcoin was an eye opener, and the possibilities were endless, especially when it comes to the technological aspect of it. The website Slashdot had 200 people on it discussing Bitcoin and grew to 2,000 people after the article on Bitcoin was written and published by Slashdot. Many people who read the article about Bitcoin began the process of building things.

Being inspired by what he read in the article about Bitcoin, Jed McCaleb began his journey to build an exchange for Bitcoin trading that was centralized, which he named Mt. Gox.

In 2011 Mark Karpeles, a software developer bought Mt. Gox from Jed McCaleb but he kept 12 percent of the company after the sale in the exchange. He started his adventure in resolving a big problem that Bitcoin had.

After working hard for many years in building the company, Stellar became a well-known company in cryptocurrency in the world of finance.

While working on his other projects, Jed McCaleb began using his ability and accomplishments in 2014, to begin the Stellar Development Foundation, and to supervise the birth of the Stellar contract.

Jed McCaleb has set his sights on teaming up with companies such as IBM to create a network that is the norm or definitive for sending currency worldwide. He is hopeful about getting financial businesses to join him in a partnership.

The Wealthiest Book In The Streets By Jim Toner That Every Businessman Want To Read

What really is in this book anyway that every businessman and upcoming investors in real estate want to grab? Well, meet the author who is always full of surprises from his diverse knowledge and experience in matters of investment specifically in real estate. However, from the look at the title, “The Consumer’s Guide to Investment Real Estate: How to Profit in Today’s Market Using History’s Greatest Wealth Builder”, you can tell that Jim Toner is determined to open the eyes of consumers and turn them to producers. But who is this Jim Toner? Let’s go deeper.

Jim Toner is a renowned entrepreneur and an investor in real estate who has gained demand among many consumers because of his heart-to-heart training in real estate investment. Whenever he holds programs in real estate investment, some people travel from far and wide from the country to come and listen to his advice which is very valuable to his listeners if implemented. By using his 12 Little Houses Plan, he has led many into financial freedom and that could be the reason why many people value his programs and advice.

For more than 25 years, Jim Toner has been in the real estate investment that’s why he is capable of handling matters related to the topic very easily because it is something in him. He is well recognized for his acts of mercy to the homeless, poor and veterans. He serves on the Advisory Board of Pennsylvania Salvation Army branch in Pittsburg and also a member of Frank and Nilsa McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. He works with various coaching groups and Private Client Group.

His interesting book, Jim Toner exposes the real hidden things which the established and successful real estate investors don’t want anyone to know. And by reading these many people have broken from the snare of financial leanness while the tycoons in the field are not happy with what Jim has written; for exposing the TRUTH behind their success in real estate. If everyone knows this path of TRUTH that the established don’t want the poor and upcoming to know, then no one would be poor.

Jim starts by helping you identify the opportunities out there and how to navigate through the lies and pitfalls that are on the journey. This is a business you do being fully minded, it is not the kind of investment you enter in a lukewarm state. So in this book he shows you how to do this business whether you are just starting, half-way or fully established. The book is not made up of ideas or theories, it consists of facts that many legends in real estate have used and became successful. As a matter of fact, this is not just a book it is a blueprint of prosperity in real estate.

A History Of Financial Expertise


Since his graduation from college, Brad Reifler has been on a long road of success. He is an entrepreneur that entered the field of finances and investments and has become one of the top people in the industry.


Brad started off working at Refco after he graduated, where he became one of the best traders at the company in no time at all. He followed this up by starting up his own trading company, Reifler Trading. Which ended up being such a success that Refco ended up acquiring it. He then went on to found Pali Capital, where he stood as Chief Executive Officer for 13 years and has been his most successful company yet. Throughout his time in the field, he has managed to become and expert in finances, with a great track record.


This is Brad Reifler now takes his time to help people with financial and advisement services within his company, Forefront Capital. There are many people that find themselves in shaky situations when investing and managing their finances for a business, all they need is the right guidance to level out and get a strong foundation of the right way to do things. For the majority of Americans in the middle class, their portfolios and performance on the start market is undesirable and they actually end up losing money in the long run.


Brad Reifler came up with Forefront Capital to help deal with the many issues befalling Americans when it comes to managing their portfolios and making good investments. Brad teaches the pillars of success to all of his clients, which will teach people the proper way to invest without risking all of their money at the same time. There are no fees for management and an extensive number of options for investing, this make Brad Reifler one of the leading men in the industry to go to for advice. His official About.me page, and Linkedin tell more about his activities and the help he can offer people.

Find Out How To Rebuild Your Finances

If your finances have taken a nose dive it’s time that you take the next step in rebuilding your future. Most people need to generate a cash flow, but they don’t have the financial know how to start a business. Jim Hunt, a successful financial analyst has created VTA Publications to help his clients learn how to build wealth from financial secrets. You can buy items and save the money that you need. Surround yourself with positive people that will help you jumpstart your future. Hunts says that you should ignore negative people that doubt that you’re capable of starting your own business.


Hunt offers biblical secrets to wealth and how to earn from the stock market. Jim Hunt is proud to give away the secrets that has helped many Fortune 500 companies. VTA Publications is a one of a kind course that offers you the financial freedom that you’ve always desired. Live in a big house or save money that you didn’t know was possible. There is no reason you can’t have the financial future that you want. Invest in your future by visiting their online website today and discover your financial freedom today. Build your financial future one step at a time. Also, be sure to follow VTA Publications analyst Jim Hunt on social media, including Twitter, and his informative YouTube page

Kevin Seawright’s Profound Home Knowledge

Kevin Seawright is one to talk about his knowledge of housing and affordable living in the modern era.

Seawright, who is a project management professional operating out of the Baltimore area, was recently a guest on the Larry Young Morning Show and spoke on a new project he’s working on with RPS Solutions LLC. Seawright has also previously worked as a project manager in other locations such as Washington, D.C., Maryland and New Jersey and was once an executive vice president for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. RPS is a join partnership venture company and builds and renovates any affordable housing in the Baltimore area.

RPS Solutions LLC was founded in 2015 by Seawright and the purpose of the company is to help increase the total home ownership rate in Baltimore City well past 48.3% in a certain time. The group is also responsible for providing any alternative that is affordable enough for other members of the community to look into and also invest in the city. Doing this can lead to a more suitable environment for people of differing socioeconomic statuses.

During Seawright’s appearance on the show, he stated that he and RPS were just very passionate about good home ownership and proper renovation in the Baltimore area. He mentioned how aware he was of how many people are first-time buyers in the market and knows what dealing with them can be like. He also added that RPS was aiming to help home buyers the chance to not only create a home but also safer and more stable neighborhoods.

Antique Arms and Samurai Sword Historian Michael Zomber

Michael Zomber is a well known historian who specializes in antique arms and samurai swords. As well as being a weapons historian he is also a writer, filmmaker and peace activist. He has had a long career collecting and studying weapons and sharing this knowledge to a number of people. Zomber has shared his knowledge about weapons on major media sources such as the History Channel. Along with studying weapons he has often wrote stories about them as well. During his career Michael has written a number of novels and screenplays about the samurai era. As well as writing stories about the samurai era, Zomber made a film through his film company. He also participates in activism in which he looks to help promote peace throughout the world.

One of the Michael’s main passions is collecting weapons. Over the course of four decades he has regularly collected a number of guns from the American Civil War era as well as samurai swords. With this collection he has studied a number of things such as how they are constructed, how they work, their durability and also their effectiveness. With this knowledge he has been able to educate and enlighten a number of people through the media. Zomber has spoken about his weapons knowledge on the History Channel and therefore has established much credibility as a top weapons historian.

While Michael may be a weapons historian he is also involved in another activity that allows him to take advantage of his expertise. This other activity is writing and over the course of his career he has written a number of stories in the form of screenplays and novels. With these stories, Michael has been able to depict events that took place during the historical eras he has studied. These stories are quite interesting and give readers a very detailed perspective on armed conflict during the Japanese samurai era. Along with the screenplays and novels, Michael made a documentary film about this time period in history as well. Therefore Michael Zomber has been able to give many people a very in depth perspective on one of the most intriguing time periods in the world’s history.