Kevin Seawright’s Profound Home Knowledge

Kevin Seawright is one to talk about his knowledge of housing and affordable living in the modern era.

Seawright, who is a project management professional operating out of the Baltimore area, was recently a guest on the Larry Young Morning Show and spoke on a new project he’s working on with RPS Solutions LLC. Seawright has also previously worked as a project manager in other locations such as Washington, D.C., Maryland and New Jersey and was once an executive vice president for the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation. RPS is a join partnership venture company and builds and renovates any affordable housing in the Baltimore area.

RPS Solutions LLC was founded in 2015 by Seawright and the purpose of the company is to help increase the total home ownership rate in Baltimore City well past 48.3% in a certain time. The group is also responsible for providing any alternative that is affordable enough for other members of the community to look into and also invest in the city. Doing this can lead to a more suitable environment for people of differing socioeconomic statuses.

During Seawright’s appearance on the show, he stated that he and RPS were just very passionate about good home ownership and proper renovation in the Baltimore area. He mentioned how aware he was of how many people are first-time buyers in the market and knows what dealing with them can be like. He also added that RPS was aiming to help home buyers the chance to not only create a home but also safer and more stable neighborhoods.

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